Short Cuts For Women

Short Haircuts For Spring Summer

The short style gives shape to different pixie haircut scaled to match with tufts full-bodied but not too long, to wear smooth version or move, you can experience also you cut short styling curly to take with a straight fringe that

rests on the forehead touching eyebrows. The boyish cuts to excellence rely on a short shaved almost a volume that focuses more pronounced in the back of the head that match tufts or fringes court.


Hair covered with the gel for a rock style

For the season spring-summer, 2019 the short style is influenced also by the style of rock shaping hair look with ridges covered with soft or gel, alternatively, you can show off the look by accentuating undercut on one side of the head to be accompanied by a tuft trailing down the other side.

They will point out also various glamour of short bob haircuts starting with the smooth styling and cut symmetrically to take with a full fringe or slightly parade; space also simple bob from the perimeter and rounded tuft side which falls on one side of the face. The short bob can be declined with the rules in the middle or on the side, focusing on the gentle waves that shape the dynamic web that take advantage of the net scaling that create volume.


The short hair that can cover your ears you can experience a curly disheveled but carefully so as to create a volume that gives the soft fine hair more body, to combine with a soft tuft leaning on his face so soft and free of inspiration vintage.

Rock style, covered with gel, style Greece forelock massive and tall, short hair trends for spring summer 2018 2019 will certainly happy a broad range of women, who cut short especially love the convenience and the fact that never goes out of fashion.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Weekend Sale for 2018

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Weekend Sale


Big Bazaar Free Shopping Offer is valid from 23rd March to 25th March 2018 only.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Offer valid only at food bazaar, Big Bazaar stores, big bazaar Gen Next stores only.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping offer Shop for Rs.2000 or above to be eligible for the offer to Customers.

Eligible Customers to get will be a Food Hamper (FCL Kit) at Rs.1 per Hamper, four Fashion Vouchers (each valued at Rs.250) & 1 Home Voucher (valued at Rs.500).

The 500 Rupees as Future Pay cashback offer will be given only to the customers who can register on Future Pay App for the 1st time during the offer Time in Big Bazaar Free Shopping.

Fashion voucher will be get redeem only at fbb stores & Big Bazaar   on minimum Purchase of the only single product of MRP Rs.600 and above, out of select Footwear products & Fashion Items.
The Fashion Voucher cannot be redeemed for VIP and Jockey brands.Home voucher can be redeemed on minimum shopping offer of Rs.2000 worth of home products at Food Bazaar stores and Big Bazaar only in a single bill or a single product.

They will be cashback offer and Cash in Big Bazaar Wallet will only be given on the mobile number provided by Customer at the time of billing.

the Rs.100 you will be added as Cash in Big Bazaar Wallet on 1st of every month starting, 1st April till July 2018 & un-used cash will expire at the end of each month. Hence, the total of Rs.500 will be added to customer wallet over a five-month period (Rs.100 each month) & un-used cash will expire at the end of each month respectively.

the Customer requirements to download & register for the Future Pay App with the mobile number given at the time of billing to the cashier by 26th March 2018 to receive the Cash in the Big Bazaar Wallet.

Grooming Hair For Men

Male hair and grooming trends have grown immeasurably more popular in recent years, with more men than ever wanting styles that are on-trend, catwalk-influenced and still effortlessly practical. From retro cuts to bold colours, this season’s gents have a plethora of styles to choose from in salon and during at-home styling

Best Medium Modern Hairstyles For Men


Men’s fashion and style doesn’t always refer to clothing, things such as having your hairstyle right can make a bold impression and help any man to stand out. Chances are you’re interested looking at the modern hairstyles for men and figuring out which one is right for you. But for men choosing new hairstyles can often be a difficult process, since a haircut represents our individual style and personality. Some men elect for short hairstyles while others prefer longer ones, yet it all depends on what suits you personally the best. However if you do your due diligence and examine the modern hairstyles for men, you’ll be able to better understand the trends.

Thick Modern Hairstyles For Men

You certainly don’t want to be walking around with a hairstyle from the 90’s, unless that’s your sort of thing. So that’s why our men’s magazine is here! We’ll help you discover all the modern hairstyles for men, and assist you in determining what’s both really cool and fashionable right now.

In contrast to the wild curls mentioned earlier, straight mid-length hair should be much more contolled for AW16. The pushed-back style is sophisticated but also fairly effortless, making it ideal for both the office and bar. The finish should be semi-matte, so opt for pliable waxes or pomades; and don’t worry about it looking super-groomed – visible finger combing gives a modern edge to this classic look.


lifestyle of the Rich and Famous-A Plot

nick cannon lifestyles of the rich and famous What is the point of Nick Cannon's 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' reboot?


Watching rich people and their extravagant lifestyles is a staple of current reality TV — the “Real Housewives” franchise lives on for a reason — but NBC’s new reboot of the late ’80s/early ’90s staple “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” seems like it’s coming about 10 years too late.

“Lifestyles” famously featured narrator Robin Leach as he toured the homes of the incredibly wealthy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cannon will take on that role as he profiles “some of the new tech billionaires who have replaced the old guard of real estate tycoons and their new set of tastes and extravagances.”

There’s no greater voyeuristic thrill than looking at other people’s stuff, but with Instagram and other forms of social media, we already have unprecedented access inside people’s lives. There are entire tumblrs dedicated to #richkidsofinstagram and their ridiculous extravagances. Just go down a Google wormhole — you’ll waste plenty of time looking at things you can’t afford.

Even MTV’s “Cribs,” which featured celebrities showing off their tricked-out houses for more than a decade, ended in 2011 — and that had the benefit of having way less Nick Cannon.

NBC has only ordered a “Lifestyles” pilot, so there’s no guarantee it’ll actually become a series, but in a world with immediate access inside pretty much any high profile person’s life, there’s no need for a reality show about all their cool crap.

Scott Disick has been honing his rich kid meets Patrick Bateman persona for years, so it makes sense that he’d be in the running to host a rebooted version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” notoriously hosted by Robin Leach in its ’90s heyday.

The Million Dollar Man meets Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The following feature was something I did for the initial version of Ted DiBiase’s official home page. They’re no longer using it, so I’m now posting it as part of the Kevin Buchanan archives.

Books for MEN

1) The Way Of The Superior Man:

A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and Sexual Desire by David Deida.

This is the BEST book you can read about becoming a man, and being attractive to women BAR NONE.


I have read it three times, and will read it again. When I travel with my girlfriend, I always pack this book. I even purchased it for my dad on his 64th birthday.

The chapters are short and sweet, and the language is direct, challenging and immensely hopeful. If you haven’t read this book yet, purchase it today and put down everything else you are reading. I am dead serious it is that important.

 2.Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing.

As a guy, we all need role models. When I became interested in improving my dating and relationship life, I also got interested in learning more about what it means to be a man.


This book was recommended to me as it shows exactly what it means to be a man on a mission, to be a guy who truly knows and owns his purpose and mission in life.

These things are critical to get handled if you want to be more attractive to women.

3.How To Get A Girlfriend  by Stephen Nash.

Of course I had to put my own book in here. If you are interested in real, intuitive and actionable advice about dating, women and relationships then I urge you to get it now. It should be your second read, after The Game.


In the book, I outline the 7 steps to getting a lasting, healthy relationship with a woman you are truly attracted to. I also share every effective social technique I’ve ever learned – so, things like approaching a woman, flirting, connecting, getting the phone number etc.

It combines very practical, actionable technique with my powerful, overarching philosophy on cultivating masculinity, presence and confidence.





Travel Alone-A Kind Of Life Style

I could tell you I decided to go away alone because I wanted an adventure, or because I was about to burn out and needed a break; but, the real reason I headed off on my first big solo journey was a bruised ego and a bit of a broken heart. I needed to be far, far away from what was causing me pain (and the reminders in the form of photos popping up on social media), so I decided to escape.

I split my time between two spots: One where I was with a group, the other where I was completely on my own. For the first leg, I attended The Ranch 4.0, an intense (and wonderful) health and fitness program in Southern California. For the second, I headed to Kauai and stayed in a villa I found through a group called Pure Kauai, a world-class concierge service (yes, I wanted to treat myself!) that caters both to women traveling solo and to couples, families, and groups.

I quickly learned something several wise people had discovered before me: traveling alone absolutely changes your life. Here’s a nowhere near complete list of why you should make your next vacation a solo one.


You get comfortable being alone.

There were two main reactions from friends and family when I was planning my first trip for one. “That’s awesome — I’m jealous,” or, “Are you worried about being alone?” I thought about the second one quite a bit. On the one hand, I was proud of myself for going on an adventure all by my lonesome; on the other, I was a little nervous. Would I be safe? Would I be lonely? I had a few near panic attacks imagining myself sitting by myself at dinner in a land of honeymooners, awkwardly playing with my food and avoiding eye contact. I worried I would end up feeling more pathetic than I would empowered. I’m all for being independent and I do plenty of things on my own in my day-to-day life, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do single what you might otherwise do with company. I knew no one and had no idea what to expect

Why Shopping bags?

Shopping Bags

Cream Contrast Canvas Shopper Bag

Looking for a reasonably priced, stylish shopping bag for your next outing? Searching for a unique gift for a friend? If you’re keen to do your bit for the environment and say goodbye to plastic carrier bags for good, we have just the thing. From shoulder bags to large canvas shopping bags, we have a wide range of products perfect for any shopping situation – meaning you’ll never have to buy another plastic carrier bag again.

Whether you’re on the hunt for practical PVC or soft-touch cotton shopping bags, with everything from animal and floral prints to playful patterns available, there’s a design for everyone. Coming in a variety of colours, materials and sizes, our range of shoppers are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Many of our PVC shopping bags are available in various sizes and come with a magnetic clasp and inner pocket with a zip – perfect for keeping your valuables secure while you shop. Alternatively, our oilcloth shopping bags protect the cotton material underneath and require very little maintenance – they can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Some of our shopping bags also come with small purses, perfect for storing change for parking or a trolley at the supermarket. View our entire range below.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a new designer bag. These handbags for women could be perfect for you – from backpacks, tote bags, shoulder bags, clutches to soft-as-you-like leather bags. Your handbag lust list is about to get much bigger.
Bag yourself a stylish women’s tote bag this season, with go-to shopper styles to carry your whole life in! From casual canvas shoppers to luxe leather tote bags, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Find large totes for the gym, or beach totes that are perfect to match wtih holiday outfits. Take your pick from tote shopper bags in chic black to patterned styles, and complete any look.

Hyderabad’s Manjeera Mall

Manjeera Purple Town

Image result for manjeera shopping mall kukatpally


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Chhota Bheem is the only show in India that has successfully proven itself as a merchandising brand with a range of kids products such as Comics, DVDs, Apparels, Gifts, Home Decor items, Puzzles and Stationaries etc, thus creating an exclusive concept destination for kids called ‘Green Gold Stores’. Green Gold Stores ensure that every child gets to buy and be the proud owner of the entire range of Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, Krishna Balram, Luv Kush and Chor Police merchandise.
Green Gold Stores offers a wide array of merchandise & products for girl and boy from the age group of 0 to 12 years. All the products and accessories come in a number of designs, colors, and shades with trendy styles and looks. So come and explore the latest range of Green Gold characters products at a Green Gold Stores near you. We look forward to your smiles and your children’s happiness while you browse through our huge range of merchandise and products and we thank you for shopping at Green Gold Store.
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Beard trends for this Year

1.Heavy stubble

One of the most popular facial hairstyles of all time. It doesn‘t require much maintenance at all and can be as long as the person wearing it wishes. This hairstyle is great for its manly, rugged look. A lot of polls show that women prefer this beard style to the others, especially if it‘s a long, 10-day stubble. So if you wish to look trendy and seduce our female friends with a manly appearance, go for this look.


Five o‘clock shadow

This look became super popular in the 1980s and since then, hasn‘t really dropped in popularity. A bit cleaner and more well kept than a normal stubble, but still creates that manly, rugged „bad boy“ appearance. Also great for men, which don‘t have a lot of facial hair growth, since the style is very short.

  1. Full beard

    A style that has passed the test of time. We don‘t really know when this hairstyle originated, but does it really matter? This only shows that this look is never out of style. A great classy look if well groomed and a messy rugged one if not. Requires a little bit of maintenance, but nothing too serious. Go with this look if you wish to be noticed by others for your extremely manly appearance.

  2. Long „hipster“ beard

    Probably the hottest beard trend of 2018. Compliments the (now popular) undercut, man-bun, and long hairstyles. It creates a great balance with long hair or a top knot/man-bun, so consider this look if you want to rock either of these hairstyles. The look is very rough, almost like one of a wild man. However, don‘t let its appearance fool you, because this style may require the highest maintenance of all the facial hairstyles there is.

  3. Van Dyke beard

    This style is named after 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. The cheeks are completely shaven, with only a goatee and mustache left. However, this particular style has a lot of different variants. For example, it can either include a soul patch or not and the mustache can be curled or not. Other (currently popular) look „Captain Jack“ also originated from this facial hairstyle.

So here you go, men. These 5 are probably your best bet in the year of 2018. Rock one of those and you will look like a manly, fashionable guy. However, guys who can‘t grow a beard – don‘t stress it out too much. Real manliness isn‘t defined by physical traits, what‘s on the inside counts much more. Act like a gentleman and strike with confidence!