Grooming Hair For Men

Male hair and grooming trends have grown immeasurably more popular in recent years, with more men than ever wanting styles that are on-trend, catwalk-influenced and still effortlessly practical. From retro cuts to bold colours, this season’s gents have a plethora of styles to choose from in salon and during at-home styling

Best Medium Modern Hairstyles For Men


Men’s fashion and style doesn’t always refer to clothing, things such as having your hairstyle right can make a bold impression and help any man to stand out. Chances are you’re interested looking at the modern hairstyles for men and figuring out which one is right for you. But for men choosing new hairstyles can often be a difficult process, since a haircut represents our individual style and personality. Some men elect for short hairstyles while others prefer longer ones, yet it all depends on what suits you personally the best. However if you do your due diligence and examine the modern hairstyles for men, you’ll be able to better understand the trends.

Thick Modern Hairstyles For Men

You certainly don’t want to be walking around with a hairstyle from the 90’s, unless that’s your sort of thing. So that’s why our men’s magazine is here! We’ll help you discover all the modern hairstyles for men, and assist you in determining what’s both really cool and fashionable right now.

In contrast to the wild curls mentioned earlier, straight mid-length hair should be much more contolled for AW16. The pushed-back style is sophisticated but also fairly effortless, making it ideal for both the office and bar. The finish should be semi-matte, so opt for pliable waxes or pomades; and don’t worry about it looking super-groomed – visible finger combing gives a modern edge to this classic look.


lifestyle of the Rich and Famous-A Plot

nick cannon lifestyles of the rich and famous What is the point of Nick Cannon's 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' reboot?


Watching rich people and their extravagant lifestyles is a staple of current reality TV — the “Real Housewives” franchise lives on for a reason — but NBC’s new reboot of the late ’80s/early ’90s staple “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” seems like it’s coming about 10 years too late.

“Lifestyles” famously featured narrator Robin Leach as he toured the homes of the incredibly wealthy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cannon will take on that role as he profiles “some of the new tech billionaires who have replaced the old guard of real estate tycoons and their new set of tastes and extravagances.”

There’s no greater voyeuristic thrill than looking at other people’s stuff, but with Instagram and other forms of social media, we already have unprecedented access inside people’s lives. There are entire tumblrs dedicated to #richkidsofinstagram and their ridiculous extravagances. Just go down a Google wormhole — you’ll waste plenty of time looking at things you can’t afford.

Even MTV’s “Cribs,” which featured celebrities showing off their tricked-out houses for more than a decade, ended in 2011 — and that had the benefit of having way less Nick Cannon.

NBC has only ordered a “Lifestyles” pilot, so there’s no guarantee it’ll actually become a series, but in a world with immediate access inside pretty much any high profile person’s life, there’s no need for a reality show about all their cool crap.

Scott Disick has been honing his rich kid meets Patrick Bateman persona for years, so it makes sense that he’d be in the running to host a rebooted version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” notoriously hosted by Robin Leach in its ’90s heyday.

The Million Dollar Man meets Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The following feature was something I did for the initial version of Ted DiBiase’s official home page. They’re no longer using it, so I’m now posting it as part of the Kevin Buchanan archives.