Short Cuts For Women

Short Haircuts For Spring Summer

The short style gives shape to different pixie haircut scaled to match with tufts full-bodied but not too long, to wear smooth version or move, you can experience also you cut short styling curly to take with a straight fringe that

rests on the forehead touching eyebrows. The boyish cuts to excellence rely on a short shaved almost a volume that focuses more pronounced in the back of the head that match tufts or fringes court.


Hair covered with the gel for a rock style

For the season spring-summer, 2019 the short style is influenced also by the style of rock shaping hair look with ridges covered with soft or gel, alternatively, you can show off the look by accentuating undercut on one side of the head to be accompanied by a tuft trailing down the other side.

They will point out also various glamour of short bob haircuts starting with the smooth styling and cut symmetrically to take with a full fringe or slightly parade; space also simple bob from the perimeter and rounded tuft side which falls on one side of the face. The short bob can be declined with the rules in the middle or on the side, focusing on the gentle waves that shape the dynamic web that take advantage of the net scaling that create volume.


The short hair that can cover your ears you can experience a curly disheveled but carefully so as to create a volume that gives the soft fine hair more body, to combine with a soft tuft leaning on his face so soft and free of inspiration vintage.

Rock style, covered with gel, style Greece forelock massive and tall, short hair trends for spring summer 2018 2019 will certainly happy a broad range of women, who cut short especially love the convenience and the fact that never goes out of fashion.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Weekend Sale for 2018

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Weekend Sale


Big Bazaar Free Shopping Offer is valid from 23rd March to 25th March 2018 only.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping Offer valid only at food bazaar, Big Bazaar stores, big bazaar Gen Next stores only.

Big Bazaar Free Shopping offer Shop for Rs.2000 or above to be eligible for the offer to Customers.

Eligible Customers to get will be a Food Hamper (FCL Kit) at Rs.1 per Hamper, four Fashion Vouchers (each valued at Rs.250) & 1 Home Voucher (valued at Rs.500).

The 500 Rupees as Future Pay cashback offer will be given only to the customers who can register on Future Pay App for the 1st time during the offer Time in Big Bazaar Free Shopping.

Fashion voucher will be get redeem only at fbb stores & Big Bazaar   on minimum Purchase of the only single product of MRP Rs.600 and above, out of select Footwear products & Fashion Items.
The Fashion Voucher cannot be redeemed for VIP and Jockey brands.Home voucher can be redeemed on minimum shopping offer of Rs.2000 worth of home products at Food Bazaar stores and Big Bazaar only in a single bill or a single product.

They will be cashback offer and Cash in Big Bazaar Wallet will only be given on the mobile number provided by Customer at the time of billing.

the Rs.100 you will be added as Cash in Big Bazaar Wallet on 1st of every month starting, 1st April till July 2018 & un-used cash will expire at the end of each month. Hence, the total of Rs.500 will be added to customer wallet over a five-month period (Rs.100 each month) & un-used cash will expire at the end of each month respectively.

the Customer requirements to download & register for the Future Pay App with the mobile number given at the time of billing to the cashier by 26th March 2018 to receive the Cash in the Big Bazaar Wallet.